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We Got You Covered

The Rainey Day Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit educational service organization providing resources, mentoring and financial support, where applicable, to college students to bridge the "needs" gap from enrollment to graduation.

We're on a mission to mentor youth, particularly around navigating and preparing for post-secondary education. We provide that extra boost while keeping them covered when college life presents its storms.

What People Say

I am a Rainey Day Foundation supporter. I believe in the mission and actions of this foundation. I've witnessed determination, selflessness, encouragement, uplifting, hard work, excitement, love and genuine dedication. Rainey Day founder, board and volunteers are making a huge difference in the lives of students and families. May God continue to bless them with the resources to be a continuous blessing to others.

John Royal, Activist

I am honored to be a Nursing Mentor with the Rainey Day Foundation. If I had a program like this when I was trying to figure out life, my fork in the road would have been easier to maneuver. I am grateful to God for putting me in a position to give back.

Michelle Hailey, MBA,MSN,RN

Nurse Mentor, RDF

I'm honored to have been selected as a mentor by the Rainey Day Foundation. My mentee is professional, dedicated and has a drive that is out of this world!! As someone in the helping field, it warms my heart to see such a devoted young person entering the field and I am dedicated to ensuring she excels. 


The future is bright!

Marsha MB Ope, MSW, LCSW

Social Work Mentor, RDF

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